The Journey starts

October 2015

Teministeriet produces its first signature tea collection.

First Sales

November 2015

Teministeriet acquires their very first wholesale customers.

First Tea Packing Machine

November 2015

Teministeriet moves from manual packing to their first semi-automated weighing, dosing and sealing machines.

First Trade Shows

January 2016

Teministeriet officially launches in Sweden and Norway at Formex and Gave & Interiør.

First Agent, Finland

February 2016

Teministeriet welcomes their first agent for the Finnish market.

Moving Time

February 2016

Teministeriet relocates to a new showroom and factory facilities at Saltimporten in Malmö, Sweden.

Ayurveda Collection

April 2016

Teministeriet completes their Ayurveda collection of 12 blends. 100% organic, this collection is inspired by 5000 year old Ayurveda principles.

Time for Supertea

August 2016

Teministeriet gets the first samples for Supertea, an organic sachet collection inspired by super foods.

Product Launch, Stockholm

August 2016

Teministeriet formally launches their Ayurveda and Supertea collection at Formex, Stockholm.

New Market, Denmark

August 2016

Teministeriet moves into the Danish market by formally introducing their products at Formland, Denmark.

Oslo Design Fair

September 2016

In conjunction with the launch of Oslo Design Fair, Teministeriet creates a cafe space of 300 sqm, demonstrating and showcasing Teministeriet's products to designers, buyers, and exhibitors alike.

Natural Products Scandinavia

October 2016

Teministeriet hosts Natural Products Scandinavia's annual party for buyers, manufacturers and producers in the organic health and beauty industries.

First Distributor, Denmark.

January 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributor for the Danish market.

Trendzone Formland

January 2017

In collaboration with Studio Eckmann, Teministeriet is commissioned to build the 350 m2 trendzone for Formland in Denmark, featuring Teministeriet's products.

First Tea School

January 2017

Teministeriet conducts its first tea school for wholesalers at Formland, Denmark.

First Distributor, Norway

April 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributor for the Norwegian market.

New Equipment

June 2017

Teministeriet purchases 3 fully automated packing lines to meet growing demands, extending their production capacity to 150 000 packs of tea per day.

New Facilities

July 2017

Teministeriet expands its production facilities by 700 m2.

Denmark, Norway & Sweden

August 2017

Teministeriet's products are showcased in all industry design fairs in Scandinavia - Formland, Formex and Oslo Design Fair.

Oslo, Ikea & Tea

September 2017

In conjunction with Oslo Design Fair and Ikea Norway, Teministeriet operates a 400 m2 cafe and tea house for designers, buyers and exhibitors, demonstrating and showcasing Teministeriet's products.

UK, Italy & Ireland

October 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributors for Uk, Italy and Ireland.

France, Spain & Portugal

October 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributor for Spain and Portugal.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Greece

November 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributors for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, and Greece.

New distributor, Sweden

December 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their new distributor for Sweden.

South Korea

November 2017

Teministeriet welcomes their first distributor for South Korea.


December 2017

Teministeriet formally launches in Seoul Korea at its first industry tradeshow.